Our company

San Pietro bases its values ​​on the history and authenticity of a high quality product, processed according to a centenary tradition. The technological adaptation carried out in recent years made San Pietro reach a capacity of several hundred thousand hams. Hand in hand with quantity, the quality of San Pietro ham has also grown. In fact, thanks to its sweetness, San Pietro is considered one of the best hams on the market.

Our products

Prosciutto with bone

We produce genuine hams for our consumers with a reduced salt content. This element allows us to preserve food without using preservatives or additives.

Bulk Prosciutto

Our boneless hams are produced without the use of preservatives or additives. This feature makes them perfect at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

Sliced salumi

We offer the whole range of the best Italian charcuterie specialties sliced and packaged in a protective atmosphere, so that our products keep their taste and fragrance intact.

Tradition and quality, together with our centenary experience, give life to Prosciutto San Pietro, a unique and internationally recognized product.”


Via Cavo, 6

43037, Mulazzano Ponte (PR)

+39 0521 853049